Intervention Area

The definition of the Intervention Area of ​​Metropolitan Thessaloniki has been made by the Special Managing Authority in accordance with the Special Strategy, Planning and Evaluation Service Circular and the Special Institutional Support Service’s instructions, applying the OECD / EU methodology. This area has been identified as the cohesive area in which the problems, needs and challenges related to sustainable urban development as a whole show intensity – concentration, uniformity and interdependence.

Within the framework of the Strategy, areas – pockets of concentration were defined, with the aim of directing investments to areas where the relevant challenges above are more intense. The analysis of the current situation confirmed the initial assessment of the spread of social problems such as unemployment, poverty, etc. , so the actions of the European Social Fund are distributed throughout the intervention area without focusing on specific pockets.

The following is an interactive map showing the Intervention Area, which includes the total area of ​​the Municipalities:

  • Ampelokipoi–Menemeni,
  • Thessaloniki,
  • Kalamaria,
  • Kordelio – Evosmos,
  • Neapoli – Sykies,
  • Pavlos Melas,
  • Pilea Municipal Community of Pilea – Hortiatis and
  • Kalochori Municipal Community of Delta